Cisternal compression

Data Element ID:RDE20
Name:Cisternal compression
Definition:Status of asymmetry or obliteration of the normal configuration of the perimesencephalic, suprasellar, prepontine, or superior cerebellar cistern, and/or cisterna magna due to mass effect and/or brain swelling in the setting of trauma.
Value:Enumerated (exactly 1 value)

  • 1 = Present
  • 2 = Indeterminate
  • 3 = Absent

Question:Cisternal compression
Version:3.0  (2013-07-13)
Synonyms:Cisternal compression indicator
Status:Published  (2016-01-13)
Sets: Traumatic Brain Injury
Index codes: subarachnoid cistern – RADLEX::RID7180  
subarachnoid cistern – SNOMEDCT::314223007  
subarachnoid cistern – SNOMEDCT::61878005